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Continuing the Blue Valentine tradition while producing the best set of horses.

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Come To The Source Welcomes You

As the original Blue Valentine Source, we want to continue the tradition, and improve upon time-tested bloodlines. Producing the best set of horses has always been our goal. We started out as one of the few places you could get horses with these bloodlines. Now we have hundreds of customers who say these horses are the best they have ridden. Every year we welcome new customers as well as repeat buyers who have started their own successful breeding programs. 

We thank all of you as we celebrate our 21st sale.

Why are we the original source?

Blue Valentine was owned by Chip Merritt's family. He was a blue roan grandson of Joe Hancock that excelled in many events. Family and friends who rode him can attest to his performance in the arena.

We each had some of Blue's offspring and knew we needed to preserve his bloodlines. We wanted a way for people to see the horses together in a central place. Offering a central "Source" for the genetics became our long-term goal.

What do we offer at our sale?

Horses just like the ones that you will see in the catalog. Colorful, high-quality, ranch-raised horses. We each have a unique twist in our breeding programs, giving you horses that can run fast, stop hard, and that everyone in the family can ride.

Some have the classic Driftwood cross, others a touch of running blood. They all have good bone, good conformation and great dispositions. Feel free to call Dick, Randy and Chip to hear more about their individualized breeding programs.

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Come To The Source Sale

Date: Saturday, August 25th, 2018

Time: Preview @ 8:30am, Sale @ 1:00pm

Location: Albany County Fairgrounds, Laramie, WY


Ted Odle


Jeff Ward - (307) 399-9863; Curt Cox (307) 630-4604; Jim Geis (970) 590-0500

What Our Buyers Are Saying

"Hope things are going well. I told that I would let you know how  "Comet" Lot #29 turned out. I bought him for my youngest brother but my daughter wouldn't let him go. He has turned into a very nice horse. I can catch him in the pasture without grain and the girls can ride him without fear. He looks a lot like his father. We named him Chip before we knew that he was going to turn out this nice. If we knew that he was going to be this nice we would have named him Brady."

"Here are some of our calf-roping pictures, and of the kids riding him. In my eyes, they don't get much better. I want you to know what a fine horse he is, and we will be there in August."

"I'm amazed that you run your stallions together when they are done with their breeding season!"

"He has that rare combination of being talented enough to be an Open horse, but gentle enough that anyone can ride."


2018 Catalog will be ready by August 1st.

Files coming soon.


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Bath Brothers Ranch

Randy and Laurie Dunn 


Merritt Quarter Horses

Vista Grande Ranch

Dick and Dianne Van Pelt



When will the catalog be ready? How do I get one?

Catalogs are usually mailed August 1st and an online version is usually available during the last week of July. Call any of the phone numbers listed on this page to request a print catalog.

Can I bid online or over the phone?

Yes! We'd LOVE to see you in person, but we do have online bidding through DVAuction and phone bidding if you make arrangements prior to the sale day.

How can I see the horses before the sale?

You can always contact any partner to ask to see horses before the sale. Horses start arriving at the sale on Friday morning, and can be viewed all day. Saturday morning is the preview of riding horses. The barns close 10 minutes prior to the sale, so be sure to stop in before then!