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What Our Buyers Have To Say

 "Hope things are going well. I told you that I would let you know how "Comet" Lot #29 turned out. I bought him for my youngest brother but my daughter wouldn't let him go. He has turned into a very nice horse. I can catch him in the pasture without grain and the girls can ride him without fear. He looks a lot like his father. We named him Chip before we knew that he was going to turn out this nice. If we knew that he was going to be this nice we would have named him Brady.”

"Here are some of our calf-roping pictures, and of the kids riding him. In my eyes, they don't get much better. I want you to know what a fine horse he is, and we will be there in August.”

"I'm amazed that you run your stallions together when they are done with their breeding season!”

"He has that rare combination of being talented enough to be an Open horse, but gentle enough that anyone can ride."